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Hi guys!

2012-10-19 23:46:07 by IAteUrKItten

Hey! I made more music if you would want to hear it post comments if you would want me to make music for you


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2012-10-20 00:33:08

Hello and welcome to Newgrounds.
Just listened to your song "Mix". Its got some nice melodic features in it.

I'm gonna scout you to the Audio portal, basically means people can rate your stuff and all those kinda nice things.
Looking forward to some of your future stuff.


(Updated ) IAteUrKItten responds:

Thank you! Not a lot of people see my music but, THANK YOU!!!! I can make you custom music if you want. Check out Mad House I think it's a good song.


2012-10-20 02:24:03

Just in reply to your custom music comment.
I won't be needing anything like that, I don't make flash or games, I make music myself xD

But keep at it and eventually people will want to use some of your tracks.

IAteUrKItten responds:

OK Thanks! :)